The application deadline has passed, but you can still apply. There are still a limited amount of seats available on a first come, first serve basis for this fall!


We are moving!  This week (7/26) there will be no one at our current offices located at Shull Hall.  We will be moving to our new location at 700 South Limestone Street, Suite B.  Please keep checking in at this site for more information about office hours at our new location.

Also, the Grand Opening Ceremonies will take place August 6th at 3:30 for both Global Impact STEM Academy and Career ConnectEd at the Springfield Center of Innovation with tours to follow.

Global Impact STEM Academy


Global Impact STEM Academy is an early-college high school focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum and has specialized its core gateways to lead our students from the time they begin high school until they enter college or into specialized professional industries that affect our day-to-day lives. These include:GISA_ColorIcons

While at the academy, currently located at Clark State Community College, students will encounter interdisciplinary, problem-based learning. Gone are the days that separate math, social studies and language arts. We blend every course together into real-world experiences and assignments that push students beyond the classroom and into a meaningful career path.

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What we do at Global Impact comes down to giving students access to real life success. The idea is simple: create an academy closely linked to industry challenges and solutions that will train students to tackle the issues of tomorrow (and today).

We deliver an innovative and relevant curriculum through an interdisciplinary, project-driven school day. Equipped with their own unique skill sets, our students are then plugged into post-secondary institutions and organizations throughout the state in the fields of bioscience, energy, environment, agriculture and more.

By providing the next generation with specialized training and honing their talents, we also work to foster a healthy, growing economy in which Ohio businesses thrive.

Real. Life. Success. That’s our philosophy.

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Our region and our state faces a serious and widening gap between our workforce capabilities and the scientific, technical and problem-solving skills required for the agbioscience industry. As our largest economic sector, Ohio’s agriculture industry employs one in seven Ohioans. This industry includes traditional agricultural production as well as food science, bioscience, energy production and environmental sciences.

Never before has it been so vital to place skilled individuals into the organizations and businesses that impact every single one of us each and every day. The next generation will be responsible for what the world eats, wears, sells, burns, wields and yields. To make a global impact for the better, we position our students to be responsible global, regional and local citizens and professionals.

The future is at stake.

Our impact must be global.

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We are currently enrolling 9th and 10th graders for the 2014-2015 school year. To learn more about what a day at Global Impact STEM Academy will be like, please check the application page.

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Current events and news from Global Impact STEM Academy.

Our School


Our school has a lot to offer; students experience hands-on learning and real-life application.

Our Mission

Global Impact STEM Academy strives to teach students to become independent thinkers. Students will learn with a purpose rather than just going through the motions.